Manage employee and user access across cloud software

from the top cloud services, like Github and Google Drive, to your own, custom software

What is yeep

Yeep is a web platform that manages users and permissions across your cloud software. Our platform is a single focal point for managing employee permissions and employee access levels to all the cloud software your company uses.

Add new employees with one click - and eliminate ghost accounts

Yeep maps employee access to all the cloud software your company uses and allows you to create visual charts that help you track who has access to which service, so nothing is overlooked.

Product feature

Flag sensitive data and boost your information security

Minimise the risk of exposing sensitive information or personal data by always being aware which of your employees have access to them.

Product feature

Control all your cloud software licenses through a single platform

Yeep allows you to manage permissions, receive notifications, and keep a log of changes to access to your online and offline cloud software- all through a single platform.

Product feature

Manage all your third-party tools and services

as well as any proprietary or custom cloud services your company uses

Service Galaxy

Yeep - stop worrying about user access management!

Reduce time and effort spent on authorizing users across different software.
Ensure all your employees have access where they need to - no more, no less.
Maintain peace of mind.


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